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Does Your Liability Insurance Include Cupping?
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Does Your Liability Insurance Include Cupping?

As a professional manual therapist providing wellness and care, you always run the risk of facing a medical malpractice lawsuit. There is always a chance that a claim puts your practice at risk, sets you back by thousands of dollars that can bankrupt you; and worst of all, destroys your credibility as a care provider. To protect yourself from such possible situations, it is advisable that along with the necessary membership from the jurisdiction where you are practicing and proper training from a qualified instructor, you also ensure you have proper professional liability insurance. 

Why You Need Liability Insurance
Many jurisdictions have made it mandatory for therapists to maintain liability insurance to get their license for practicing in that state or province. Depending on the jurisdictional requirements, you may not even be allowed to provide Cupping Therapy. Cupping may fall under the “use of tools” that is restricted by some organizations or regulatory bodies. If Cupping Therapy is not in your scope of practice, you would need to provide Cupping Therapy treatments without your professional 'hat' which case you NEED to have insurance!

Remember, most insurance companies do not cover illegal activities. This is very important if Cupping, "use of tools" or the “movement of cups” is not under your jurisdiction's scope of practice.

There are many coverage providers out there and when choosing a company, find one that is experienced, understanding, and knows the profession well. In case you face a claim, they should be able to help you resolve the issue as smoothly as possible. Try checking with your colleagues and other cupping therapists who have coverage and trust their judgment when choosing the provider that can not only prioritize your best interests but is also economical.

Cupping Canada has entered into an exclusive arrangement with BFL Canada and Trisura Insurance to make available Cupping Therapy Insurance in the event that you are not able to obtain it from your professional association or regulatory body.  To submit your application, please download the PDF file below, complete all required information and email to

Cupping Insurance Application PDF

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