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Dr Nik Evidence Informed Joint Play Mobilization

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Evidence Informed Joint-Play and Mobilization is a reference guide designed for students, instructors, and healthcare providers. This textbook provides concise, easily accessible information on joint play and mobilizations, muscle energy, myofascial techniques, and much more.

“Movement = health and motion is life.”  — Joint mobilization is a physical therapy technique used to relieve pain and muscle spasms, release tension, and improve flexibility in a joint. With joint mobilization, the physical therapist applies gentle passive movements to the joint, which stretches the tissue and restores joint play. These motions stretch and strengthen the surrounding tissue helping reduce pain and spasm, and increasing mobility.

Joint-Play and Mobilization is a valuable study guide to prepare for National Board Exams, State/Province Board Exams, Clinical Skills Examinations and many other standardized licensure examinations.