Cupping USA

Live Online: Upper Body - Evidence Informed Clinical Cupping - Level 2

Date: July 20, 2024

This course is from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm EST on the weekend dates and 6-10pm ET on the week day dates.

This is the second course of the 16 hour Evidence Informed Clinical Cupping course.  You must have taken a previous basics cupping course as a prerequisite.

Join us online for this hands-on training and learn how to provide quick and effective pain management for the enhanced mobility of your clients with Cupping Therapy for Upper Body conditions.

This Cupping course is unique in that we do not focus on any one 'type' of Cupping Therapy but rather focus on the research available and the types of treatments that can be provided using the various products in the marketplace. This approach provides you with the knowledge and skill on how to use a number of different types of cups to achieve the overall therapeutic outcome your clients are looking for.

We provide you with information on how to treat upper body common client complaints by using Cupping Therapy for the overall outcome of your client’ treatment plan. We will cover techniques to use that are specific for the treatment of injuries and enhancing mobility. There is evidence that Cupping Therapy can influence the nervous system and has been shown to influence research subjects' perception of join us and discover the ways that you can make a big difference in your clients' wellness journey.

Save your body and your hands and most importantly, discover how the versatility of Cupping Therapy can transform your practice into life changing bodywork.

You will need a set of cups.  If you do not have cups check out our online sample pack.

NCBTMB approved for 4 CEs