Cupping Canada

Small Silicone Cup

Silicone Type: Medium - 60A - Single Cup

This Small Silicone Cup is made from transparent medical-grade silicone, a material that is flexible enough for all manual therapy applications, resistant to acid as well as to high and low temperatures.  The shape of this silicone cups allows for easy grip and lifting during treatment applications. 

By squeezing the Small Silicone Cup, you expel some of the air inside. Upon loosening your grip on the cup, a powerful vacuum is created as the cup tries to draw the missing air back in. When placed against the skin, the suction draws the skin upwards, resulting in a negative pressure massage. 

Perfect for both stationary and dynamic cupping applications where you are require both suction as well as glide.  This cup can be used on larger areas such as the back, shoulders, glutes and hamstrings in addition to small areas such as the neck, arms, calves, feet and hands.

1 Small Cup (1.75" x 2.5")